«We care about Tokens
Value and Liquidity»

“Smart Liquidity” Group
Provides new era of Market Maker service for digital tokens.

Our Priorities


Eco-friendly market
We create the best examples of healthy and active markets
Long term creation of positive price trends and natural impulses for growth
Minimal price volatility
Decreasing possibilities of strong price deviations
Price insurance
Providing price insurance on important level of support and creating new records of highest peaks
Forming independent market
Creation of separate trading market ecosystem with Indirect influence of BTC price
Minimizing spread
We minimize spread up to 1% and less.
As a result all traders can buy and sell your tokens without overpaying.
Improving Holders activity and amount of transactions
We increase density of order book and use maximum potential of your Holders purchasing power
Organic Demand growth
Present Holders and new investors will posivitely react on high liquid market and try to increase their shares in such kind of project





Price Discussing Individually

Unlimited Trading pairs
Volumes & Liquidity Support
Spread minimization
Volatility decreasing
Improving market saturation
Price Insurance
Increasing Holders activity
Trading fees compensation
Smart Risk Management
Maintenance of Healthy market ecosystem
We can accept partly Payments in your tokens


Before working with any project, our trading team fully estimates list of necessary details:

  • amount of average order
  • amount of daily traders
  • amount of Holders
  • depth of the market application
  • organic users demand
  • potentiality of order book
  • density of orders distribution
  • solvency of the market
  • spread indicators
  • potential market scenarios

With the help of this data we create best strategies for individual token markets improving.

Some of our partners

Exchanges and Blockchain Projects:

Frequently Asked Questions

HOW to start to work with your team?
First of all, fill our standard

Google Form to understand specifics of your token.
Then we can have a voice/video call or written correspondence to choose the best exchange to list your token (if you not listed already) and discuss full details of our services if something is not clear for you.
After choosing exchange, where your token will be traded, you need to register account there, make necessary security steps, verification and put specific amount of your tokens on your balance for our trading activities and “Liquidity Package” services. Then We will connect through specific exchange API to your account and have limited access to it with abilities only to open and close orders (make tradings), but not make any transfer of funds.
CAN we test your Liquidity Service?
Yes. We provide free weekly trial period.
HOW will you provide your trading activities and liquidity service?
We create our own trading soft and algorithmic strategies. With this help we connect to special Exchange API, which allows us to have limited access to the owner’s exchange account and open and close orders, without making any transfer of funds.
Also we recommend to our clients to study special Exchange API requirements, to know the full list of opportunities it provides.
HOW is tradable balance funded for Liquidity provision and How much is needed?
Balance in special trading tokens need to be deposited on owner’s exchange account in amount which can be variable, according to special market data and individual project needs. In average it’s couple BTC equivalent in special tokens.
WHAT account security and also trading balance are about?
“Smart Liquidity” does not take responsibility for clients account security and special assets on it.
It’s fully responsible by a special Exchanges securities and their savings soft possibilitie.
In complexity It’s also accounts owners responsibility, and their level of account protection.
We highly recommended to use Google 2fa verification, secured personal emails or personal mobile numbers, to approve with this help any possible assets movements.
WITH which Exchanges have you already worked?
We have already worked with Binance, Huobi, Poloniex, Bittrex, Kucoin, Coinbene, Hitbtc, P2PB2P, Cointiger.
CAN you work with other Exchanges?
Yes. We can integrate our trading algorithms to another exchanges, it will take about 7-10 days, depending on their API quality service.
CAN you choose best Exchanges for our listing?
Before new adoption, our team makes special trading API Audit of new exchange, to understand level of their professionalism and existence of necessary market indicators.
Some of exchanges have low levels of security system and weak trading tools.
We do not work with this kind of projects, in favor of protection of balances of our clients and high quality trading services.
HOW do you charge for your service and what kind of Payments do you accept?
We charge for our service on a weekly basis (4 times per month), after weekly reports of our trading activities and full market analysis.
We accept BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, Fiat payments in Western Union, Skrill (Moneybookers), Swift transfers and PayPal, also we can consider payments in special project tokens with acceptable level of liquidity, it’s discussed individually.
Do you have additional Profitable trading strategies?
Yes, apart from our standard financial services we have different trading strategies, which allow to generate long term profit in BTC, ETh or USDT.
Depending on risk management and market mindset it is possible to generate 1-5% profit monthly from using balance in special trading assets and providing balance insurance on strong negative price deviations.
*All conditions and requirements for providing these kind of services are considered individually.
Do you provide NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?
By default, all our financial services are provided on anonymous basis.
According to clients request, we provide NDA agreements, which are approved and signed by both parties, with saving privacy and non-disclosure of any kind of information about company’s cooperation.
WHICH is your previous experience with projects and how much volumes are you able to provide?
Currently we work with several projects on different exchanges and about dozen projects in past.
According to NDA agreements with Tokens, we can’t mention names of the projects and will keep this information in private.
Monthly we provide summary for more than $20m trading volumes for projects summary and around $3m trading volumes for our private hedge fund.
We can’t promise specific amount of volumes for special project with which we work, because we are oriented on quality and not on quantity.
Like this we create organically developed markets with natural progressive improvements and healthy finance ecosystem.

Who we are

We are a team of professional traders and market analytics.

In our work we use machine learning algorithms and adopted strategies to provide Ecological Token Market Development.

Over 3 years daily trading experience, usage of most successful market indicators, automated tools and abilities of artificial intelligence, allow our team to create High Liquid Markets with progressive Token Price and increasing amount of Holders.

Why do we care about Liquidity?

Strong idea, competent team and amount of raising funds during sales stages are not enough for Token success.
Without strong liquidity, project value becomes close to 0.
That’s why we focus on full complexity financial services, which are estimated by amount of present trading volumes, users demand and their involvement.
These important indicators directly influence Token Price, Trust of Holders and general Attention from new investors.
Our work here is creating that kind of fundament for projects Financial Health.

Our team is here for you

Wechat ID: DavidSmartLiquid

Email: smart@smartestliquidity.com

Phone: +380679365707

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